Each case is unique, as is each patient. Chris Rhodes Naturopathic Clinic has a range of modalities that can be chosen as treatment options.
All of which can be discussed in your consultation.

Chris Rhode Food Test Allergy Testing:
Allergy testing includes testing allergies to the following:
Heavy Metals

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (Autism):
Chris Rhodes can help with a lot of disabilities including autism and ADHD

Neuromuscular Therapies:
Deep tissue and sports massage techniques that focus on the spine and neck area.

Chris Rhode Flower Essence Gut Issues:
Checking for microbial imbalances.

Organ Checking:
Testing the vitality of organs and glands.

Frequency-specific Treatments

Herbal Medicines:
Customised herbal treatments for each patient’s problems.

Finding a particular remedy for your constitution and/or problem.

Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

Chris Rhode Flower Essence Iridology:
Looking at the signs in the eye. Through analysing the eye patterns and marks, we can diagnose different health issues.

Simple neuromuscular test to check compatibility of foods or medicines

Looking for ways to naturally cure illness or provide wellness

Colour Therapy:
To help neutralise bacteria and viruses within the body.

All therapies are treatment options will depend on your circumstances. Not every modality will be used on one person.

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